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XinLan agricultural machinery manufacturer is a company toprovide High-quality replacement parts for combines, cotton picker, tractor, and other agricultural equipment, as well as full supply chain service.

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XinLan commits itself to development, production, sales and service for transmission products.

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Zhejiang XinLan Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. XinLan is committed to the research and development, production, sales and service of transmission products. Its products include rotary tiller series, grain transportation and storage series, rice harvester series and so on. There are more than 1000 kinds of gearboxes, of which more than 95% are exported to Europe, the United States, Australia, Asia and Canada.

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As a leading agricultural machinery supplier in China, we have our own factory, which can provide short lead time and competitive price.

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XinLan already has many quality certification, providing customers with quality assurance, strict QC system from raw material to final product

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We can customize various products. Just send us a sketch or detailed dimensions and we can provide you with a formal drawing check. Provide technical support to our customers.

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There is one year quality warranty for all products and we can provide free replacement one if the product is broken under abnormal conditions.VIP treatment to our important customers.

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We have exported our products to clients around the world and earned a good reputation because of our superior product quality and after-sales service.
We warmly welcome customers both at home and abroad to contact us to negotiate business, exchange information and cooperate with us.

Transmission Gearbox for Lawn Mower

Gearbox is used for lawn mower transmission,our normal standard from 30 HP-90 HP, we accept custom-made. We are professional in agricultural gearbox field for more than 15 years experience.This series gearbox is self-developed. With its characteristics of high universality, simple structure, good performance, etc, it is widely used in garden machines and other agricultural machines.

Product Center

Lawn Mower Gearbox

Gearing Arrangement: Spur
Output Torque: 29.5 da Nm
Rated Power: 65 HP
Input Speed: 540 r.p.m
Output Speed: ratio(i)3:1
Gearbox Used in: Mower/grass cutter
Gearbox for grass cutter is high quality and welcomed by our customers, if you have special request we can also produce as per your drawing.

Agricultural Right Angle Gearbox

Features of Agricultural Right Angle Gearbox:
Long lasting
Marvelous performance
The overall structure is compact, easy to disassemble and maintain.
Agricultural Right Angle Gearbox with its superior quality and performance, lightweight design, more suitable for paddy field work.
Its obvious performance in: the use of HST+ transmission structure, smooth transmission, large carrying capacity,the use of multi disc wet friction film, the steering is more portable, more flexible operation.

Aluminium Drive Gearbox

Gearing Arrangement:Bevel / Miter
Output Torque:200-300 N.m
Rated Power:40 hp
Input Speed:540rpm
Output Speed:540rpm
Housing/ case Material: Aluminum
Application: agriculture machinery
For Aluminium Drive Gearbox, The whole geared motors are small in volume, with great load-carrying capacity,steady running, low noise and high efficiency. 

Honor Certificate

Honor Certificate

Honor Certificate

Honor Certificate

Agricultural Gearbox

Agricultural gearboxes are widely used in agricultural machinery, such as lawn mowers, rice harvesters, grain storage warehousing, rotary tillers, etc. To accommodate this application, we have produced different gearboxes, including rotary tiller gearboxes, lawn mower gearboxes, and rice harvester gearboxes.

Lubrication of agricultural gearbox.

Commonly used gearbox lubrication methods include gear oil lubrication, semi-fluid grease lubrication, and solid lubricant lubrication. For better sealing, high speed, high load, good sealing performance can be lubricated with gear oil; for poor sealing, low-speed can be lubricated with semi-fluid grease; for oil-free or high-temperature applications Molybdenum sulfide superfine powder lubrication.

Rotary tiller works

The working part of the rotary tiller is a straight or curved blade, which is fixed on the cutter shaft by a plurality of blades. In operation, the cutter shaft is driven to rotate by the power output shaft of the tractor. Therefore, the working component is called a drive rotation. Working parts, when the rotary tiller is working, the blades rotate at a certain speed and advance in random groups to form a milling process for the soil – cutting, crushing and throwing backwards.Rotary tiller is a tilling machine that is equipped with tractors to complete ploughing and hoeing operations. Because of its strong soil-breaking ability and flat surface after ploughing, it has been widely used. At the same time, it can cut the roots buried below the surface to facilitate the operation of the planter and provide a good seed bed for later seeding. Proper use and adjustment of the rotary tiller is important to maintain its good technical condition and ensure the quality of the farming.

Mower power transmission

A lawn mower is a mechanical tool used to trim lawns, vegetation, etc. It consists of an engine, a walking wheel, a traveling mechanism, blades, handrails, and control components.There are two power transmission belts on the power output wheel, which transmit the belt to the power transmission of the cutting system, called the cutting power belt, and the other is the traveling power belt.A cutting power belt is coupled to the cutting system by the rotating wheel. When the pull switch is loose, the power supply is turned off. The side of the walking power belt is also equipped with a pressure roller. The pressure roller is connected with the cable switch. When the pressure roller is in this position, the belt remains in a relaxed state, and the engine power cannot be transmitted back. The wheel is connected to the gear box. The mower gearbox is a combination of several sets of gears that are adjusted by different gear combinations to achieve engine speed and direction of rotation. For the gearbox, the runner is its input power, and the gearbox combination is completed by the shift lever. This is the power output shaft of the gearbox, and the power is output to the walking system to complete the mower operation.

How to check and handle common problems with lawn mowers?

There may be minor problems with the mower after a period of use, which can affect the efficiency of mowing and even potential hazards. So how do you check when the mower has these conditions?

1, Severe vibration

There are several reasons why this can happen:

(1) The blade is bent or worn and loses its dynamic balance;

(2) the crankshaft is bent due to impact;

(3) The cutter is damaged, causing the blade to rotate relative to the crankshaft, causing an imbalance;

(4) Loose engine fixing screws, etc.;

(5) The engine base is damaged;

(6) The blade hits a hard object. 

2, The grass collection effect is not good

(1) The long-term use of the grass bag is not cleaned, resulting in uncleanness and airtightness resulting in poor grass collection;

(2) The grass drain is not cleaned for a long time, and the grass is blocked by the grass drain, resulting in poor grass discharge;

(3) The blade is excessively worn, and the blade does not have a grass collecting effect;

(4) The engine wears, the power loss is too large, and the blade rotation speed is low, resulting in poor grass collection effect;

(5) The grassland is not flat, resulting in poor grass drainage.

3, The engine is not stable

The throttle is at the maximum position, the damper is open; the spark plug line is loose; water and dirt enter the fuel system; the air filter is dirty; the carburetor is improperly adjusted; the engine set screw is loose; the engine crankshaft is bent.

Remedy: Lower the throttle switch; press the spark plug outer line; clean the fuel tank, re-add fuel; clean the air filter or replace the filter; re-adjust the carburetor; check the engine fixing screw after the flame: correct the crankshaft or replace the new shaft.

4, The engine can not be turned off

The throttle line is not properly installed on the engine; the throttle line is broken; the throttle is not sensitive; the flame line cannot be touched. Remedy: Reinstall the throttle line; replace the new throttle line; inject a small amount of oil into the throttle active position; check or replace the flame line.

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